KARRI by BLACKMAVIS toys artwork

If you remember from my past entry, I mentioned about Peter Cung, a talented illustrator I met at POPCON Asia. This year, Peter along with Lorenzo and Wili formed Power Rangers BLACKMAVIS Toys. And it doesn’t take them long before their first collaboration toy release.

Official release info from BLACKMAVIS toys below:

KARRI! The 2nd toys by Blackmavis will release this August at POPCON ASIA 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia. After last year we got Peter Cung (@peterccung) with his Chubby Monster, now we have Lorenzo Matthew (@loredanzo) who become the one that create the character concept. Inspired by Blackmavis mission to collaborate with many artist together thrive the world of  art toys, Lorenzo Matthew create KARRI as the reflection of Blackmavis itself.

KARRI toys concept art
Karri’s concept art

KARRI is an ocean and skies magical creature. Together, KARRI and her friends swimming forward to the fullest of ocean of dreams and flying to the next level of skies of hope!. From KARRI, the creator hope and motivite to explore the adventurous world of art toy, meet many friends, reach all the dreams and expand the world of limited art toy!

KARRI toys specification artwork
it comes with a specification sheet too!

Would you Karri (ha! clever one! ~ed) her to your world? Together, you and her will swim and fly where no one goes!

Credit – BLACKMAVIS toys

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