alympu da bone killah from dave by davidthekillerDA’ BONE KILLAH is the latest custom work by Alympu, featuring Dave, a 7″ figure by DavidtheKiller. I love how Alympu decided to go with a minimalist black and white finish with a splat of blood. After all, if it’s not bloody, it’s not Dave. This is a one-off custom, so it’s officially an endangered custom figure, if you choose to preserve it, you can contact Alympu or DavidtheKiller through their Instagram account. Read on for more pictures.

da bone killah - back

in this rotten city..some of peoples do things their ways..like he do, with his way, some for justice.. some for pleasure. STAB! STAB!! – ALYMPU

Alympu Instagram acc
DavidtheKiller Instagram acc

da bone killah custom figure by alympu side view
check out that bloody blade!

So.. tell me, do you bleed? *grin