The mobitoygraphy project

mobitoygraphy by tmhawk24
take your toys outdoor – IG: tmhawk24

The mobitoygraphy project is about capturing great toy photography, with mobile phone.

It’s always good to see toys come to life. Toy photography does that. But I think great toy photography is not always about creamy bokeh, sharp images, or how clean the low light photo is.

mobitoygraphy by maskara11
not so sharp? not a problem – IG: maskara11

The idea of mobitoygraphy project is to stop worrying about the gear, make do with what you have, that is, your mobile phone. Instead, think about composition, colors, light and shadow. Embrace the miss focus, the low resolution, the grains.

If you ever heard of Chase Jarvis’ photo book “The best camera is the one that’s with you” or the “Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera” video series by Digital Rev, you know what I mean.┬áThe mobitoygraphy project is similar, but specifically about toy photography.

mobitoygraphy by tmhawk24
prop addition can help visualize your idea

To join the project, all you need to do is push the boundary and follow few simple rules.

  1. Strictly use mobile phone camera only
  2. State your mobile phone model with your photo
  3. Upload to Instagram and tag it with #mobitoygraphy

Spread the word, challenge your friends, challenge yourself, and join the mobitoygraphy project.

Can’t wait to see what you can come up with.