Blog is back

After 21 days, the blog is finally back. Never thought the blog migration process would be this long, but it’s another lesson learned. So what happened?

Last month I was having a chat with a fellow blogger (and an inspiring toy artist too I must add), Eric “TheSpaceWanderer”. I was having problem with my previous hosting because they keep blocking my IP and the site’s stability wasn’t good. They said it’s because of my IP, but I wasn’t sure it’s my end because Chrome finds their certificate is not updated as well. So Eric suggested to move to another provider, in this case, in US.

I’ve been with my previous hosting for years, and they’ve been accommodating. But my domain was expiring, and I thought it’s a good moment to try an alternative hosting. I came across Inmotion, with their mostly excellent reviews and features, I decided to move Toykultur there.

Domain transfer was a breeze, their support staff is awesome, but their migrating team is another story. Upon transferring my hosting to Inmotion, they told me they provide a complimentary website (well, in my case, blog) migrating service, so I thought why not? I mean, it’s a blog with a mere 2 entries, how long can they take, right?

Nope. It took them 21 days. That is after me keep insisting and inquiring about the transfer process. Finally, I even gave them a 24 hours deadline to finish migrate my blog, else I’ll cancel and move elsewhere. In the end, they kept their word and my blog migration is completed.

So, does this mean Inmotion bad? No. Their support team is solid. But I think the migration team could be improved. We’ll see about the site’s performance over time, but if you move to Inmotion and know how to migrate your website, I would suggest you do it yourself, at least for now.

What matter is Toykultur is back, and I’m gonna have something good coming. Have a great week!